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About Us


The history of Ferristeel sets its products apart form the rest. 

In 1978 Johan Ferreira was looking for a garden set for his family.


After searching, he realized that there weren't any options available that would meet his needs and preferences when it came to outdoor furniture, so, he decided to design and make his own set. 

The inspiration for his design came from the comfortable cane chairs he used to enjoy as a child. The design was an immediate hit and was quickly sought after by his friends and family. Not long after he and his wife, Hannetjie, realized that there was a large interest in the chairs, and so, Ferristeel Furniture was born. 


After a number of years his son, Hanco Ferreira took over the family business to ensure that the next generations will be able to enjoy the quality products that Ferristeel has to offer. 

Since we began in 1978, Ferristeel has become a household name in outdoor furniture as a result of our focus on durability, comfort and style. But most of all, priding ourselves in focusing on the needs of our customers. 

We welcome you to

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